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This wiki serves as a database for the OC's of CXCR. Learn what you want and need about my characters by the use of this wiki! if you have any questions, don't hestitate to ask CXCR directly about it!

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Same as above. This serves as a database for my OCs (Original Characters).

Some of them posesses borrowed faceclaims from various games and animes, and while those visuals don't belong to me, the written bios are entirely mine. Should I ever get around to draw all of my characters, their designs are subject and very likely to change. Some DO have art that I created for them but it's honestly far from all of them.

Furthermore, most of my characters virtually fit into every sort of AU that exists. Many of them finds their current home in an AU which I refer to as the Ace-verse, which is an AU created/owned by a friend. - Spoilers and secrets about this AU will not be revealed here unless anything else is agreed on. Otherwise I will only list what is ALREADY known and canon about my 'major' characters in this universe and try to refrain from throwing any bones or cues towards secrets about them and what not.

Due to the nature of some of my characters, as well as their personalities and pasts, this wiki is not suitable for readers under 15 years of age nor is it suitable for those that are faint of heart or otherwise got a weak stomach. The majority of my characters are highly villainous, and very graphic descriptions and topics are likely and subject to be covered. So keep that in mind while reading on this wiki.

To clear any confusion that may arise: Many of my OC's in the ace-verse also exist in my own AU of our real life world, which has no connection to the ace-verse. This means some characters may have more than one page to describe them, DEPENDING on which version of the characters you're looking at. Angel, Viktor and Dexter for example will all have multiple pages because they exist within different universes at the same time. - However, what happens or has happened in one universe, doesn't necessarily fit or go for the other universe.

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